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7 Things to Consider When Buying A Car Audio Amplifier

If you are not expert on car amplifier, then you should know about some of things and factors which you must consider when you are going to buy a car amplifier.

Buying a best amplifier for car is not so easy if you don’t know or new in car audio. So, in this post, we shared 7 things that you should consider when you are going to buy car amplifier.

Make certain You Are Getting What You Are Paying For

It’s extremely enticing to purchase that 2000-watt amp for $199. All things considered, 2000 watts is a ton of watts for $199! Before you thud down your money, help yourself out and check the breakers. It is basic material science. Power = Voltage X Current Draw X Efficiency Constant. The normal voltage of your vehicle might be around 13.5 Volt… Current Draw would be the aggregate breaker rating of the amp and the proficiency consistent is around .6 for Class AB amps and .8 for Class D amps.

Suppose the amp is intertwined at 50 amps and it is a class AB. Straightforward math says that it will deliver 13.5 X 50 X .6 watts… around 405 watts. That is about the most that an AB amp intertwined at 50 amps can create.

Typically, you will find that the better quality intensifiers will publicize a correct rating. Check the wire and crunch the numbers to ensure you are getting what you pay for. For more itemized data, look at this post and this video.

Guarantee of The Amplifier

Purchaser Beware! Make certain that you are getting a guarantee on your intensifier! Numerous makers won’t respect a guarantee unless the amp was obtained from an approved retailer. While, at first glance, this won’t appear to be reasonable, please think about the thinking behind it: Manufacturers strive to set up a dissemination chain that they can trust. At the point when their item is sold by one of their merchants, they know where the item was at the time it cleared out their manufacturing plant. When it is sold by an unapproved merchant, the maker has no chance to get off knowing where the item has been or what may have been done to it. How might they offer a guarantee on something that was not under their control?

Before purchasing an amp from anyplace, make certain to check that the merchant being referred to is without a doubt approved. On the off chance that you can’t discover them on the producer’s merchant locator, at that point get the telephone and call the organization. In the event that they are not approved, you truly need to reconsider before making a buy.

Physical Size of the Amplifier

Ensure THE AMP WILL FIT! Try not to purchase a tremendous enhancer and anticipate that it will fit under your seat. Innovation has moved along pleasantly in the previous decade and there are some little (even minor!) amps that create a considerable measure of good clean power. Try not to give a little amp a chance to trick you. Plenty of good enhancers come in little bundles. Ensure it will fit where you need it to fit!

The amp to the privilege is a Hertz HDP4. It gauges only 6.73″ X 11.18″ X 1.83″, however, puts out a stone strong 150 watts into each of its 4 channels. An amp like this can control most frameworks and effectively fit under most auto seats.

Enhancer Wiring

Purchase great wiring for your amp! Try not to be tricked by the “too great to be valid” arrangements on amp wire units. Without oxygen copper (OFC) is top dog! The cost of copper has experienced the rooftop and alongside it, quality amp units have ascended in cost.

Be careful with CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) units. These units are made out of an inside conveyor of Aluminum and an external ring of copper. Copper is a limitlessly preferable conduit of power over aluminum. Now and again, a 4 check CCA link will convey less present than an 8 measure OFC pack.

At last, there is a major contrast in the “size” of the wire. Some time ago (10-15 years prior) 4 measure was 4 check. It was somewhat thicker than a sharpy and the covering was of a steady thickness. Today, you should be watchful. A great deal of Chinese made units is coming through with thick coatings and next to no wire! A 4 check unit now and again has less wire than a “genuine” 8 measure pack. Purchaser be careful!

This is one of the better recordings that I have discovered that shows the contrast amongst CCA and OFC packs.

Intensifier Feature Set

Ensure that your intensifier will do what you require it to do. Does it have abnormal state contributions for guide association with your processing plant deck? Does it have a subsonic channel for your ported subwoofer application? Is it stable to your coveted ohm stack? These inquiries and significantly more can be replied by an expert shop. They do this each day of their lives!

What Will This Amplifier Be Powering?

This is critical. Ensure that the amp will be perfect with the ohm stack that you will be wiring it up to. In the event that your over-burden your amp, it will pass on. Ensure that you are not purchasing a monoblock (1 channel) speaker for a 2 or 4 channel application… It happens! Ensure that the amp has hybrids that are good for the application you require.

Purchase A More Powerful Amplifier Than You Need

This may sound A$$ in reverse… It’s definitely not. In the 20+ years that I have been around here, I can depend on 1 hand the quantity of speakers that have been blown on account of a lot of energy. Almost EVERY blown speaker that I have seen is the aftereffect of too little power! How could that be you inquire? I’ll let you know.

Suppose you get one of those 2000 watt employments alluded to in #1 of this post. We’ve demonstrated that the most it would deliver is 405 watts. You attach this to your sub box and it frustrates. What do you do? You turn up the pickup control obviously! Terrible MOVE! The pickup is there to coordinate the yield of your deck to the contribution of the amp. It has nothing to do with the speakers or subs the amp is snared to. There is just a single right setting and it is controlled by the deck, not the speakers or subs. When you turn up the pickup you make the cutting. In basic terms, cutting slaughters speakers. Since the amp did not deliver enough power, you falsely endeavored to help the power. BAMMM. Seared speakers…

Purchase more power than your speakers require. You will have the capacity to keep your increases in the best possible setting. This will improve for sound and lower the chances of harming your speakers.


There are a large number of speakers accessible. Some are great, some are definitely not. Utilize better judgment and the rules explained above and you will show signs of improvement sound that will keep going for quite a while. In the event that it appears to be unrealistic, it presumably is. As usual, an expert pro shop like Mobile Edge can give you incredible exhortation on the quality item that will ensure that you appreciate each moment of your day by day drive!

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